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What is Pi Reminder ?

Surely we can set Reminders on our smartphone or add task notes for future on our Laptop but what if someone else can add a reminder for us ? Presenting Pi Reminder ! – An application that gives you the power to set up a reminder in your friends’ phones with a single tap! No more worrying about calling people to remind them. And let others care when they have to remind you. For an instance, Alex and Dan are roommates, Alex always pays the electricity bill but he has gone to his native town and wants to remind Dan to take care of it. What he will do ? Either Alex keeps that in mind to eventually tell Dan on phone call or he messages Dan, and then Dan has the responsibility to keep this in mind and pay the bill before deadline. Wouldn't it be better if Alex at that very moment sets a reminder on Dan's mobile for next morning, and saves the pain to keep it in mind and thus eventually avoiding the risk to forget. Dan on the next day is notified with a reminder set by Alex and thus saves paying the penalty. There are many more reasons you would want to have Pi Reminder as your companion. Click the button to know more..

At Your Service

Quick Login with facebook or google+ account
Consists of info-marks to show the status of sent, received and completed reminders
Intelligently syncs all the reminders between your android phone and chrome extension
Pi Reminder considers your 'Email Id' as the single source of truth. To set reminders for others you need to have their email id and also he/she should have any of the Pi Reminder's version
Easy to use Timeline UI that apptly shows you all the reminders and allows you to modify/delete reminders set for you and by you
Reuse already triggered reminders by copying them from the History page which maintains all the old reminders

Let's Get In Touch!

Have any feedback for us or want to know what's the upcoming feature ? That's great! Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!