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Set & Receive reminders from Webex
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Quickly add task reminders for your meetings, bill payments, pull requests etc directly from webex conversations and spaces, and access them via Pi Reminder app

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* Free for 5 task reminders per day.
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Directly add task reminders from within any webex conversation or space.
To add, mention the @PiReminderBot as below:

@PiReminderBot send project update mail at 6pm

This will add a task reminder for yourself on Pi Reminder and will popup the reminder if you have Pi Reminder installed on your browser or Phone.

You can also set task reminder for anyone else by using following example command:

@PiReminderBot send project update mail at 6pm for @Jon Snow


@PiReminderBot send project update mail at 6pm for jon.snow@pireminder.com

replace the email with your teammate's email id or their Pi Reminder username

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How to get started
Pi Reminder + Webex

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Add the Pi Reminder Bot
by clicking the Add Bot + button

Add Bot +


Choose to directly message the bot or add it to a group space

Add to space


Add task reminders from webex client as described previosly

Reminder Executed

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